Mommy Makeover Contest – Enter to win a breast augmentation and tummy tuck!

May 21, 2010, 3:01 am

Happy One Year Anniversary Adonis Aesthetics!

To celebrate, we are hosting a Mommy Makeover Contest. Enter to win a breast augmentation and tummy tuck.

Contest deadline is May 21, 2010

To enter, share your special anniversary story. Click here for contest details.

Marina Zapata from Adonis Aesthetics shares her special anniversary story.

Over the years my family and I have been planning family reunions. It is quite difficult, since both of my parents are orphans. My mother was raised by her grandmother, and my father was on his own as a small child.

On one particular reunion, my mother, her older brother, and her younger sister, had a very huge surprise presented to them.

It was a beautiful San Diego summer day, in 1997. I saw family members I had not seen in many years, lots of tears, and so many new and beautiful babies!

There were mixtures of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Italian food that would put any famous chefs to shame. We have live bands, and lots of picture taking. At the end of the evening, my mother and aunts had settled with a cup of café con leche, talking about their days of raising children, and talking about their precious memories. When this time comes, my sister and I would always sit closer to my mother, as my cousins would do the same with my aunt. We all knew that our mothers were raised without a mother, and that they always wondered who she was. Often times they would talk about how she would have been if she were alive. It was quite touching to hear their struggles of life as little girls, as teen –agers, and then as young mothers not having that maternal strength to guide them, or to give them a hug when they were scared, or hurt.

That day, everything changed for my Mother Aunt Lisa, and Uncle Augustine. A family member was there sitting among us, listening to my Mother and Aunt talk about how they got by without her. She got up, and re-introduced herself. She spoke up and said, “Eva, and Lisa, my name is Margarita, I am your Aunt Anita’s youngest daughter.”

My mother and aunt did remember her, but had not seen her in thirty years. Margarita, told my mother and aunt, “I have to tell you something about your mother. As you both know, your mother was my mother’s twin sister. Although, you know they were not identical, I found a picture of your mother that my mother had stored away in a jewelry box.”

You could have heard a pin drop! As Margarita approached my mother, it seemed to be in slow motion. She reached out with a tiny little piece of photograph, and handed it to my mother. It was the type of photograph that you take in a photo booth at the carnivals, or fair. And there she was, sitting wearing a beret that the women wore in the 1920’s. Sitting next to her was a beautiful young cowboy. They looked handsome, and proud. They were not smiling, but had a look of love.

“The man next to her,” Margarita explained, “is your Father.”

My mother immediately started to weep. She looked at both of them with amazement!

I had the picture professionally enlarged. I gave one to my Aunt and Uncle. It sits in my mother’s living room till this day.