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Adonis Premium Diet

What type of food habits do you have?

Are you an “Inhaler”?

Do you eat infrequently?

Do you eat when you get stressed out?

During the Adonis Premium Diet, you will learn how to eat properly:

  • How to be engaged in your parasympathetic nervous system and how to listen to your GI hormonal signals that tell you when you are hungry and when to stop eating.
  • When to eat, and how to fit multiple eating into your schedule.
  • How to stop eating when the calorie intake is adequate.
  • How to prepare food in as natural a state as possible.
  • How to eat in a proper setting and how to give proper respect for eating.
  • You will also gain an appreciation for the flavors of natural food, devoid of all the artificial flavorings or sweeteners.

“Unless some specific GI system or healthy eating habits have been reestablished in your body, the moment stress hits, you’re going back to your old habits. I created the behavior modification component of the Adonis Premium Diet so that patients will experience a true life change.”
Dr. Rina Shinn, Creator of the Adonis Premium Diet

The Adonis Premium includes the following:

  • One (1) complimentary video consultation with Dr. Shinn.
  • One (1) Scheduled monthly appointment with Dr. Shinn.
  • Monthly MIC/B12 injection.
  • One round of Liver Detox included
  • Natural appetite suppressants (Ayurvedic herbs) recommended

The Premium Diet Program is available in a 3 month, 7 month or 12 month programs.

Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa created the Adonis Premium Diet after successfully losing 40 pounds. Read about her journey here.

Watch Dr. Shinn on KOAA being interviewed about the Adonis Premium Diet and meet a patient who lost 100 pounds!

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