Instant Pain Ease At Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa in Pueblo, CO

What if there is a way to get rid of our pain without pills or injections? What if it is done by simply touching near the painful area with hands?

Instant Pain Ease is based on the Trigger Point theory of Janet Trevell , MD and more recent Pain Neutralization Technique by Stephen Kaufman, DC.

Dr. Shinn has condensed both Dr. Trevell’s and Dr. Kaufman’s treatment into Instant Pain Ease techniques to treat her patients.

As a general surgeon, Dr. Shinn has injected plenty of steroid/analgesic solutions into painful spots and has written prescriptions for TENS of units as well as physical therapy, analgesic patches and narcotic medications in her 20+ year career.

“I wish I would have known this technique sooner to help my patients faster.

When I was first exposed to the technique in 2014, I could not believe the results. One of my patients who had chronic pain for which he had chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, physical therapy, massages, and pain pills for 11 years noticed that the pain was gone with a single treatment.

Most often I hear, ‘Wow, this is like magic’ or ‘the pain is gone, how did you do that?’ The echo of the same disbelief I had when I first encountered the treatment. “

More About Instant Pain Ease

Quite often chronic pain is manifested as trigger points which are hypersensitive spots on your body, usually in the fibrous sheeting of the muscle bundles. When these points are released or neutralized, the pain goes away.

Dr. Kaufman’s treatment differs from the usual trigger point release techniques in that instead of pressing on the trigger points or injecting solutions into the trigger points to make them go away, hand pressure is applied away from the trigger point to block the pain signals.

The pain signal travels slower to your brain than the touch sensation signal. So if you elicit pain signal by pressing on the trigger point and then apply hand pressure on the pain signal pathway, your brain is busy processing the information that you are being touched and it does not process the painful sensation. If the touch sensation is prolonged for 20 to 30 seconds, the painful sensation is lost and you don’t experience the pain at the original trigger point.

Dr. Trevell’s trigger point theory has been around since the 1950’s and Dr. Kaufman’s techniques have been around since 2006.

Instant Pain Ease is beneficial for both acute and chronic pain.

Sometimes patients need more than one or two treatments as there are many hidden trigger points that show up when the strongest ones are eliminated in the same area.

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