GI Testing

The gut system, called the gastrointestinal system, is not just for digesting food.  In order to extract needed calories and nutrients from ingested food, the gut system also has to protect its barrier against any harmful organs.  In fact, 70% of our body’s immune system is located in the GI system.  So, constant assault to the GI system by introducing highly immune provoking materials into its system will create damage to the defense front, leading to a chronic inflammatory state and leaky gut syndrome.

The key to assessing the health of our gut system is for us to know what the current situation is. We do this by testing our GI system for any imbalances or disease process in its key physiological functions of digestion/absorption, inflammatory/immune response, and gut bacterial balance.

This GI testing can be done using stool, urine, breath, and blood tests to look for any celiac/gluten sensitivity, bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine, intestinal permeability, IgG food antibodies, and stool analysis of pathogens and signs of undigested food patterns.

In addition, our gut system is occupied by 100 trillion bacteria, weighing close to 2.2 lb.  The correct balance of the different species of bacteria in the gut system, in the large intestine, is the key to maintaining the health of our gut system.  Unfortunately, the rampant use of antibiotics in our recent past has greatly reduced our normal gut bacterial system.

Here at Adonis in Pueblo, if your GI testing shows an imbalance in your gut system , we have a variety of probiotics (capsule and powder form) to help with digestion and keep the healthy balance of good and bad microbes in your body. (GI Testing will be available in October, 2014.)

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