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After treatment photo from Adonis Cosmetic Surgery and Spa 719-543-5000 Pueblo, Colorado



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The Adonis Premium Diet combines a behavior modification program along with several other components including supplements and a detox program to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

The Adonis Premium includes the following:

Scheduled monthly appointments with the Registered Nurse or Diet Counselor.

Attendance of a group meeting hosted by Dr. Shinn.

Core Restore Liver Detox Kit – A Detox is an excellent way of preparing your body for weight loss efforts and giving your liver and kidneys a break from all the toxin overloading.

MIC/B12 injections – To boost metabolism and promote fat excretion.

Prescription of Appetite Suppression Medication – Appetite Suppression Medication can be used as short term help for people who want to control their weight in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Life Core Complete Meal Dietary Shake Supplement – Provides a targeted macronutrient base to enhance protein intake and support balanced daily nutrition.

Alpha Based Vitamins/Multiminerals – A medical grade multivitamin that surpasses all others in providing a safe, effective program for life-long nutritional support.

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Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa created the Adonis Premium Diet after successfully losing 40 pounds.   Read about her journey here.

Watch Dr. Shinn on KOAA being interviewed about the Adonis Premium Diet and meet a patient who lost 100 pounds!

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