Skin Care Testimonials Southern Colorado – Pueblo

Skin Care/Fillers/Botox

”Dr. Shinn, you are amazing.  I thank you for your expertise and for giving me my face and life back.”

- SP

“I am very pleased with my Radiesse results.  Before I received the treatment, many people thought I was always mad or upset.  Now, many of my friends think I look younger and my self confidence has improved. Thank you!”


Eric, 53, has had a life changing experience thanks to the Eclipse MicroPen.  He had suffered from severe acne scars all of his life, making him understandably self-conscience. After three MicroPen treatments, his acne scars are vastly improved. His skin looks healthier and smoother.  He works with the public for his job and he says his confidence and attitude has been given a boost thanks to his skin looking better.

E, 53, Pueblo

“I had Juvederm & Botox. They minimized my deep lines and refreshed my face.”

“I came in for Radiesse shots around my mouth and Botox around my eye.  The before/after is amazing! David sure knows what he is doing and has great skills. The staff is great and friendly.”

- C.W., Pueblo

“Botox, Belotero. The procedure was very comfortable. No pain. David explained everything very well. Very professional and considerate. Clean and pleasant atmosphere. ”

- SW, Pueblo West

“I had Botox on the space between my eyebrows and on my crow’s feet with very good results; the wrinkles are almost completely relaxed.  David provided outstanding customer service: professional and efficient.  He demonstrated competence was knowledgable about the procedure.”

- L.T., Pueblo

“I love Radiesse! It has been a dream come true. The service was wonderful, professional, and personal.  I will be back.”

- SC, Pueblo West

“I’ve been using Botox for 10 years and will never stop! I’ve had Radiesse 3 times and have had a wonderful outcome.  Dr. Shinn is the best I’ve ever seen.”

- SB

“Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, for the Radiesse treatment. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! The Treatment. It took years off my face! The Nurses did great!!! Their confidence and experience made me feel relaxed. I will definitely refer and recommend your center for treatments.”

- PR

“I loved my experience at Adonis. I received Raddiesse and I loved the results. David was very knowledgable and answered any questions I had or was concerned about. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.”

- Naomi

“I had Profractional XC – David handled the treatment. He did a wonderful job and made me feel very comfortable. Tracy was also very supportive and made me feel very comfortable. It truly was a great experience.”

- P.R.

“I fully enjoyed the one-on-one attention provided and especially appreciated the end result of my filler. The staff is attentive and extremely friendly.  Your office hours are also very accommodating.”

- MF


I received Exilis treatment. David did an excellent job. He was always very professional and put me at ease.  The experience was exceptional and relaxing. I was able to start seeing results after the first treatment.  My legs are smoother. My back is reduced and smoother.  I feel more sexy and confident!  I would suggest the treatment for anyone.  This experience was wonderful!  T.G.