Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy Reviews Southern Colorado – Pueblo

“The PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy has been astonishing. Back pain to neck pain to headaches were — and have been — my life for many years without much success from other therapies, doctors, or medications. David kindly listened to my tale of woe, recommended using the PEMF as a complementary try and I thought, what the heck. First time, it seemed to help, but I was sure it was just my imagination. But, I went back the following week. That treatment helped. I thought I better go again to make sure. After several treatments, I have not had neck or headache pain (it was so severe before, I had to lay down with a heating pad on my head for hours and it interrupted my life). I have fewer headaches (not the mind numbing ones, just regular old standard, doable ones), no neck pain. I was doing so good, I ended up overextending myself and re-injured it and now went back the other day, and already it has helped. Thank you to the staff for helping me; special thanks to David for telling me about this and how it works (and I looked it up online, FDA approved, etc. to obtain more info). If you are not sure, try it. It’s easy, and after all the “remedies” I have tried over the years, I cannot believe I have finally had success. Thank you.”