Hormone Replacement Therapy Testimonials Southern Colorado – Pueblo

Hormone Replacement Therapy

“I have been receiving hormone replace therapy for one year. I feel better than I ever have. My levels of overall wellness has increased in a wonderful way compared to where I was last year at this time (January, 2013). I would definitely recommend checking into how this could help you. You don’t really know what you are missing in how you can feel in your life until you start to experience the changes you receive when you use hormone replacement. It has been a MIRACLE for me and I bet it will be for you too! We spend so much money on needless material things that you feel make you happy. Spend the money on YOU and put yourself first. Then, you will be much better for everyone else in your life. Bless You on Your New Journey!!”


“I have been seeing Dr. Shinn for about a year and a half now for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. My life has done a complete turnaround with this therapy. I LOVE IT! If you are suffering with menopause please, for your sake and your family’s sake go see Dr. Shinn.”


“When I first came to Dr. Shinn my hormone levels were literally at zero due to a complete hysterectomy.

Since I have been working with her, my levels have gradually increased and have reached what can only be described as normalcy. I had honestly forgot what it felt like to feel normal and not crazy.


When my levels were even, I began losing weight. I’ve lost 18 lbs since March!


I completed my 8th sprint triathlon this summer and placed 2nd in my age division (something I’ve never accomplished) and 1st in my weight division. I cut my overall time down by 5 minutes too!


I travel from Centennial to Pueblo every three months. And every time I make that drive back home I thank God for leading me to Dr. Shinn. She truly has a gift and is doing what she is meant to.”
CB, Centennial


“I had the hormone replacement therapy done and it has been amazing!  I feel like me again! I’ve tried everything else and was at my wit’s end until my friend told me about her success at Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa.”

- C.V., Pueblo

“I suffered for years with severe hot flashes and migraines. Thanks to the hormone replacement therapy at Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, I feel great!”

- “R”, Pueblo

“I just went in for my fourth pellet implant session. It was painless, pleasant and easy. The staff is terrific and friendly and caring. This is something that makes my life better, and I highly recommend it!”

“I tell everyone I know about how wonderful Dr. Shinn and her staff are. My husband and I both see Dr. Shinn for Testostrone pellets which was the best thing we both did. My husband say’s Dr. Shinn walks on water!! She will be my Dr. of choice for life!! She explains everything to you so you can understand, and she takes into consideration how you are feeling and really helps to improve ones quanlity of life. The staff is the BEST!!! Always there to help, and David, can’t forget how wonderful he is and the best surgical nurse I know.

The Bio Identical Hormone therapy is amazing! I have more energy and feel 10 years younger.  I highly recommend evaluation for everyone.”

- K.P.

“I had hormone replacement therapy.  It brought me out of my depression.  I have a lot more joy and happiness.”

- MAS, Pueblo

“I am so happy with my hormone therapy!  I have “me” back. I was not able to do so many things and now with the energy I have, I did a 6-hour workout at a fitness conference.  My kids notice that I’m not moody anymore.  Thanks Adonis!”

- A.G., Pueblo

“I was skeptical 4 months ago. Two implants of 200mg testosterone and all I can say is OMG.  I feel great! I have energy and patience and my frustration level is now non-existent.  I can’t believe how everyone is not getting hormone replacement. What a difference Adonis & Dr. Shinn has made in my life. Thank you!”

- R.M.

“I feel like I’m myself again! I noticed my joint pain went away in 72 hours of taking the estrogen.  I also have my sex drive back. HRT is worth it!”

- Cheryl

“I had hormone replacement therapy. A very positive experience! I have increased energy libido, regular menstrual cycles, and a decrease in headaches. I have lost weight.”

- C.D., Pueblo

“You don’t really know what you are missing out on until you make a big change to improve things. Then you can feel your life improving from the inside out.”


“I love coming to Adonis. the staff is amazingly supportive. I get hormone pellets and laser hair removal. David is great at answering all of my questions and Lindsay always makes me feel comfortable. Erica and Tracy always make the office visits fun and they are very nice and helpful.”

- A.L. Rapid City, SD

“The treatments have made a huge difference in my energy level and my sexual life.  Things are so much better! The clinic is extremely clean and the staff is helpful, caring and friendly. David has always been professional and explains everything.”

- L.L. Canon City, CO

“I have not felt this good in years. I have a lot more energy than before. It was a great experience.”

- V.H., Pueblo

“The testosterone pellets have been lifesaving for me. They eliminated my hot flashes which were embarrassing and uncomfortable. They have helped my mood swings and irritability. I would highly recommend Adonis!”

- K

“I can’t imagine not getting hormone replacement therapy. It has changed my life.”

“I was recommend by two co-workers to try hormone replacement therapy. It has made a world of difference. I can’t even imagine going back to living and dealing with the way my body & mind was before. Hormone therapy has made a huge difference in my life.”

- L.C.