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Liver Cleanse Helps Patient Stop Taking 5 Different Medications
Vic Voss, 56, went to see Dr. Shinn for problems with Rosacea. She immediately recognized that Victor would benefit from a liver detox.
Prior to Vic’s liver detox experience, he was on 5 medications, costing him about $200/month: 3 different blood pressure medications, a pill for acid reflux and an inhaler for asthma. His acid reflux was so bad that even a glass of water would cause a reflux attack.
Since his liver detox, Vic has lost 35 pounds and has learned many things about becoming healthy on the inside. He now watches his portion sizes, and eats more organic food without additives. He loves to cook and he loves to eat and is thoroughly enjoying cooking healthy, tasty meals.
Vis is thrilled to be off his medication and is grateful to possibly be the first Voss male to live past the age of 60 in five generations.