Silikon 1000 - Pueblo

Silikon 1000 has become increasingly more popular over the last few years as patients have longed for permanent results with lip augmentation. Silikon 1000 is a medical grade pure form of silicone.

It currently does not have an approval for cosmetic purposes. However, Silikon 1000 has been used as filler by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists for over 30 years with good lasting results. Although the FDA has not specifically approved the cosmetic use of the agent, the FDA modernization act of 1997 allows licensed physicians to use these agents “off label” for other purposes; similar to the numerous uses for BOTOX before it was approved for cosmetic procedures.

Silikon 1000 is used commonly for soft tissue defects or facial augmentation including lips, lines, cheeks, under the eye area, and for HIV associated facial wasting. This product provides a very natural looking permanent solution for patients today. The composition of Silikon 1000 comes ready for injection as sterile, clear, colorless silicone oil. The formulation is supplied and packaged by Alcon in 8.5mL each. No skin test is required with this filler and there is no downtime.

Silikon 1000 is best injected with utilizing a “Micro-droplet Technique” and normally the injections are spaced out within six to eight week interval so that the patient’s own collagen will form a capsule around the silicone bead to encapsulate it, by stimulating skin cells (known as fibroblasts) to produce new collagen around each micro-droplet.

Once a micro-droplet is surrounded, collagen production stops. Through repeated injections over several months the combination of silicone micro-droplets and new collagen gradually fills depressions by building soft-tissue by encouraging the production of new collagen, the skin’s natural structural protein.

With the silicone bead becoming encapsulated by the patient’s own collagen, it helps secure the product from not migrating. Micro-droplet technique entails the injection of several small drops of sterile Silikon 1000 into numerous points within a desired site. Once injected, the liquid silicone remains chemically unchanged and is consequently enclosed by the collagen capsule produced by the patient’s own skin.

Micro-droplet technique minimizes the occurrence of overcorrection and migration of the silicone that has frequently been seen with other injection techniques that involves a large volume. The micro-droplet technique of silicone provides a safe, slowly progressive, and very natural appearing result in all areas of potential treatment.

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