Adonis Pow! Southern Colorado – Pueblo

Are you finding yourself slumping in the afternoon and wondering if you are ever going to have enough energy to carry out the day?

You might be experiencing lack of appropriate nutrients in your diet that might contribute to your lack of energy.

In order to extract appropriate energy from our food source, we need certain vitamins and minerals and enzyme cofactors. Without that, you won’t be able to process available fuel from the food that you take in.

The fuel factory in our body is mitochondria that are present in every cell. It is where our food sources get converted into energy form. So, the health of mitochondria is vital to our general health and our energy level.

Adonis Pow! packs the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that were proven to be correct boosters of energy conversion that mitochondria require and in turn needed to maintain a better immune function in the body.

Anyone who is low in energy, either due to hormonal deficiency, recent illnesses (including post chemo or radiation therapies or any surgeries), general poor health (as in some seniors with cognitive deficits or failure to thrive), chronic fatigues (CFS, Fibromyalgia), frequent infections (viral or other), or anyone who needs to recover from physical stresses such as athletes of any level (including the weekend warriors), can benefit from Adonis Pow!

Adonis Pow! will not give a sudden jolt of energy like other stimulants such as coffee or sugar (which will then result in adverse let down afterwards) but will give a persistent energy support so that within one month of use, you will noticeably and significantly improve your energy level along with immune functions.

Give Adonis Pow! a try. It’s not your usual multivitamin.