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Adonis wellness products give the best of natural medicine with natural, vegetarian products. This lineup of Adonis’ personal brand of medicine is sure to give you the highest quality medicine available. From probiotics to B12, there is plenty of selection to match your need with these over-the-counter remedies. View Products

Skincare Products

Our range of products ensures that you have the right treatment for your skin. From dry skin to wrinkles, we are sure that you can find the product that suits you. View Products

Dietary Supplements

Adonis’ special lineup of dietary supplements are specially selected to be the best of their class, to treat specific deficiencies in minerals, vitamins, or both. The broad selection of supplements ensures that you receive the proper medication to suit your needs. View Products

Argentyn 23 – Silver First Aid Spray

Argentyn 23 – Professional, Homeopathic Silver First Aid Spray, Gel or Drops The ONLY First Aid Product You’ll Ever Need! Learn More

BENEV® GF Hair Care Complex

BENEV® GF Hair Care Complex is a topical solution for use on the scalp designed for both men and women with hair loss conditions, including male pattern balding, premature thinning, post-menopausal thinning, and hair loss due to medications. Learn More


The only FDA approved prescription grade eyelash treatment solution that makes grow eyelashes thicker and longer is now available. The amazing improvements can be seen as early as 2 weeks. Learn More

Power Pops

A sweet way to lose weight Power Pops are the suckers that are taking Hollywood by storm. Power Pops help suppress your appetite and food cravings as well as help increase your energy level, and help you burn fat and calories in a safe, natural way. Learn More

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