Ultrashape Southern Colorado – Pueblo

Among all the currently available modalities for non-invasive fat removal machines, Ultrashape by Syneron – Candela stands out in its efficacy and patient comfort.

Ultrashape utilizes ultrasonic waves to penetrate to the fatty layer of a given body part and destroys the targeted fat cells. Since the fat cell disruption is done by mechanical vibration, there is no heat involved and no discomfort, other than slight vibrating or a buzzing sensation. Since there is no thermal damage (either heating or freezing), there is no swelling or inflammation after the treatment.

The destroyed fat cells are removed by the lymphatic system, which means that for some patients, who have a well-hydrated lymphatic system, they can see immediate body contouring results (up to inches) at the conclusion of the treatment.

Reduce trouble spots that even a healthy diet and regular exercise can’t reach, such as love handles, thighs, and that stubborn spare tire.

Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa is the only center offering Ultrashape, south of Denver, serving the entire Southern Colorado region.

Start feeling better, more empowered and regain confidence in what you wear!

Get rid of unwanted fat from troubled areas with UltraShape by calling Adonis in Pueblo at 719-543-5000.