Labiaplasty Southern Colorado – Pueblo

Labiaplasty is a minor surgical procedure designed to sculpt the external vaginal structures by reducing and/or reshaping long or uneven labia. The procedure involves surgically reducing excess tissue of the labia. It is an outpatient procedure performed under light sedation.

In the course of a woman’s life, her labia minora and labia majora can become hypertrophied (oversized) by the normal aging process, lymphatic congestion (stasis), chronic dermatitis, the inflammation caused by urinary incontinence, genital piercing as well as the mechanical stresses (stretching and tearing) occurred during sexual activities or childbirth.
Long labia minora may interfere with exercise or intercourse, and may cause embarrassment for some when wearing certain clothes, such as bathing suits, leggings, or jeans which may call attention to any bulge.

Over time the labia majora may relax and sag, while the perineum may show signs of scarring from an episiotomy or laceration incurred during childbirth. The labia major may be augmented with synthetic fillers.

In addition to being aesthetically displeasing, enlarged and elongated labia can cause occasional hygiene issues.

Privacy and discretion are an integral part of our practice. Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery offers personal cosmetic labia surgery with sedation at our Joint Commission accredited facility in Pueblo, Colorado.

Labiaplasty may be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty.

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