PEMF Pain Management Southern Colorado - Pueblo

Pain is a useful safeguard that our body developed in order to warn us about the dangers from our surrounds. Yet, when pain becomes chronic, it becomes extremely debilitating.

It is estimated that one in three Americans are suffering from some form of chronic pain.  When one suffers constantly from headache, low back pain, arthritic pain, or any other chronic pain, the person’s entire life is altered.  The persistent and ever present pain forces one to limit activities and change goals in life in order to avoid any worsening of the pain.

One modality that is extremely effective is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).

So what is PEMF and how does it work?

PEMF utilizes an intense electromagnetic field to penetrate the body and influence the polarity of the cells. With PEMF, the cells’ pH increases to allow better oxygenation and suppressing of toxins and infections. The cells’ viscosity (including red blood cells) improves as well, thus allowing better blood, lymph, and other fluid flow.

The end result is accelerated healing in any part of body where electronic signaling was impaired. This translates to better wound healing (bony or soft tissue) and less pain in a chronic pain situation.

PEMF is applied to the body in a comfortable fashion.  Patients feel a pulsing sensation where the machine is placed on the affected area.  (The area of body where there is no electromagnetic blockage feels no pulsation.) The session is usually 9 -15 minutes.

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